Why South Africans love playing Lucky Numbers?

There’s even more chances to get lucky at Gbets, thanks to the launch of Gbets’ new Lucky Numbers offering. Now, you can enjoy even more markets, giving you better opportunities to win and strike it lucky!

Before you start enjoying and winning from these awesome markets, find out why so many South Africans love to play Lucky Numbers games:

Hopes for a better future

As we slog along in our everyday lives, we all dream of breaking the shackles of monotony and mediocrity, while attaining a better life and future. That’s why lucky numbers are so popular among so many South Africans: it offers the prospect of winning a jackpot prize from top lotteries that could turn out to be truly life changing.

What are Lucky Numbers?

There is a common misconception that Lucky Numbers is the same thing as the lotto; however, there is a major difference between these two gaming platforms. When you play a Lucky Numbers game, you don’t play in the actual lotto pools; rather, you will be allowed to bet on the numbers that will be chosen in the lotto draw. However, this is sort of an advantage, as you have the chance to bet on multiple markets that host lottos, rather than one lotto. Potentially, you can bet on either one, two, three or four numbers as well as a bonus ball, depending on these markets’ draws.

You can access inaccessible markets

So many punters in South Africa would love to play in popular overseas lotteries such as Megamillions and US Powerball. However, as there are laws that restrict unfettered access to these lotteries in certain parts of the world, this is not possible.

Which Lucky Numbers markets are the most popular?

Research indicates that most South African punters bet on these lottos: SA Daily Lotto, SA Powerball, SA Lotto, UK49’s, Megamillions and US Powerball. Familiarity with draws and statistics encourage South Africans to favour local lottos. Punters also tend to enjoy the international lottos owing to their prestigious status as well as the fact that betting statistics on these lottos are freely available on the internet. This gives punters background information that they can then use to place informed bets on lotto draws.

Where can you play Lucky Numbers?

Almost every bookmaker in South Africa, including Gbets, offers some form of Lucky Numbers betting, which demonstrates how widely popular it is. You can either play online or place bets at the offices of these bookmakers.

More reasons why Lucky Numbers are so popular

·         Fixed odds betting means that payouts are not determined by the number of people who win

·         You get to bet on the outcome of international lotteries, ramping up the excitement factor

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