There is considerable confusion among members of the public, banking institutions and the media regarding the legal position of online gambling and betting in South Africa.
Internet or online gambling, as per the notice from the National Gambling Board, refers to online casino gambling. There are currently no licensed online casinos legally operating in South Africa.

G-BETS is licensed by The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board to offer internet/ mobile sports betting/ bookmaking. Internet betting has been offered legally in South Africa for several years, within a well-established legal and regulated framework, and administered by provincial and national boards.

The boards are tasked with ensuring that all customers of licensed online bookmakers are protected, under age gambling is prohibited, responsible gambling practices are promoted and gambling taxes are correctly calculated and paid by the bookmaker.

Please also note that using a South African credit card to bet with online bookmakers or betting exchanges that are not licensed in South Africa may contravene exchange control regulations.
There is no legal or regulatory prohibition on using your credit card on G-BETS

Click the links below to read the notice from The National Gambling Board or access the websites of The National Gambling Board and The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

Click on the below links to access the notices released by the National Gambling Board regarding the illegality of online internet gambling activities in the republic:
National Gambling Board press release 250810.pdf

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Click on the below link to view G-bets bookmaker license:
G-bets Licence