had a BIG winner in the last week, where customer MB won a whopping R448 004 from just a R6 stake on the US MegaMillions Lotto Draw.

Here is the inspiring interview with MB on his big win:  

Q. How often do you play lucky numbers on Gbets?

A. I play the same lucky numbers at least every week or on consecutive days, sometimes. I particularly enjoy SA Daily, Powerball & US Megamillions.

Q. How did you select the numbers for this big win?

A. I have been playing the same combination of numbers for over a year now, which are my children’s birthdays. I just change 1 or 2 numbers here and there, but the combination is mainly the same.

Q. Did you have a feeling in your stomach that these numbers will get you a big win?

A. Yes! I had a good feeling this time around. I had originally planned to play with only R2, but something said to me just add a bit more stake. So yes, I definitely had a good feeling on this win beforehand!

Q. How did you feel when your numbers were drawn and you won?

A. Excitement, because I knew I was going to win at least R100k+ but I definitely wasn’t expecting this much winnings! I was going to be okay with whatever I got because I’m not addicted to gambling, and I’ve been betting with Gbets since 2019.

Q. What do you plan to do with the winnings?

A. My sister just passed away 2 weeks ago due to COVID-19, so I’m going to assist my family further with the money. Also, my child just passed matric with flying colours, so this will definitely assist with tertiary fees. I also plan to renovate my house and finish off projects that I started but couldn’t finish due to COVID-19.

Q. How has Gbets changed your life with the win?

A. I am grateful for the win and value it immensely – money is money after all. I’m also very grateful to my angels and trusted combinations! Also, I now definitely prefer Gbets over other competitors, like Hollywood.

Q. Have you told your family and friends that Gbets is where you won?

A. LOL! To my immediate family yes, but not my friends.“Hai Khona” (no ways) here in Sosha they will finish you alive!

Q. Would you recommend Gbets to others?

A. Yes obviously! I have seen that they don’t give me stories – my money is my money and that’s all we want.

Keep on Winning at Gbets!