We love to be the bearer of great news!
Valued customer SN won a whopping R500 000.00 from just a R10 stake on our Russia Gosloto 7/49 draw!
Read his inspiring interview below and get your numbers in for today’s draw!
  1. How often do you play lucky numbers on Gbets?
    I play Lucky Numbers everyday 2-4 times a day. I believes that the more I play, the more chance I have to win! I don’t play low stakes anymore because believe in go big (within your budget) or don’t do it at all!
  1. How did you select the numbers for this big win?
    On Monday night I couldn’t fall asleep and at around 23:30, so I got out of bed and decided to log onto Gbets.co.za and see which draws I could play. Upon realizing I didn’t have enough funds in my account, I spent the night calculating combinations based on past results from Russia Goslotto and USA Megamillions
  1. Did you have a feeling in your stomach that these numbers will get you a big win?
    Yes I did. After my selections I actually said out loud “lena ngizoyi bamba noma kanjani” which means no matter what im definitely going to win this one!
  1. How did you feel when your numbers were drawn and you won?
    I actually couldn’t believe it because I won R28 000, R9 000, R30 000 in the past, but never an amount more than R200 000. I even called Tshidi to confirm if what I see on my balance is indeed correct. Once my Customer Service manager confirmed, I was very delighted and happy!
  1. What do you plan to do with the winnings?
    I have already paid off what was remaining on my property; and got the opportunity to finish off paying Lobola and erecting a Tombstone for my late father.
  1. How has Gbets changed your life with the win?
    Gbets gave me an opportunity to have a proper investment in my property which is guaranteed, should anything happen one day. I can always sell the house and have serious money!
  1. Have you told your family and friends that Gbets is where you won?
    Yes I have told them, but I only told them that I won R50 000 because I know there will be too many favours and black tax can kill you! LOL!

Well done again SN!